Magikal Mojo Bag

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Mojo Bags are small bags that are worn or kept somewhere personal such as under a pillow or on an altar, filled with a mix of specifically chosen items to help achieve a desired result.

Mojo bags are also know as Witches Bags, gri-gris envelopes, medicine bags, spirit bag.

You could fill your Magical Mojo Bag with herbs, stones, shells, dried flowers, crystals, good luck charms, coins, stone or wood carvings, leaves or feathers.


How to use your Magikal Mojo Bag

  1. Set your intention - love, luck, money, protection, safe travels, new job, relationship, baby, house, or whatever you need to call into your life
  2. Choose items that resonate with you, that feel 'right' to you based upon your intention. Each item should have its own purpose,  and support your overall intention.
  3. Fill your bag with an odd number of items, at least 3.  A spoon of herbs or dried flowers is considered 1 item.
  4. Visualise your intention very clearly as you put each item in your Mojo Bag.
  5. When your bag is full of your items, stitch or wind the cord around the opening flap several times, stating clearly your wish or intention.
  6. Light some incense or white sage ℗ease use sustainably grown sage, or herbs from your garden)) and pass your bag through the smoke several times to purify the contents, stating your intention with clarity and vision.
  7. Use the cord provided, or use leather thong, another chain, through the bag so you can wear it around your neck. Or tuck any part of your clothing.
  8. Carry your Magical Mojo Bag with you every day. You can wear it around the neck, in the pocket, in the bag, inside your underwear or tied to your belt. Regardless of how you carry it, remember that the important thing is that you should always carry it with you at all times. 
    While you sleep put your bag in a safe place where no one else can access it. If someone touches it without your permission, all you have to do is cleanse it and recharge it by passing it through the smoke of some incense and repeating your incantation.

The faith in your bag and what it represents are the forces that make it work. The ritual of cleaning and recharging your sleeping bag should be performed with incense and should be done once a month to keep the energy strong and active.

Recipe ideas -

For love you might choose a rose quartz crystal, a heart-shaped charm, some dried rose petals, a written intention or name, and a few sprigs of dried lavender.

For protection, you might choose a small piece of obsidian (3), some frankincense, black beans, a silver charm that you feel affords you protection, and a pinch of fennel or elder.

For wealth attraction add coins, bay leaves, a sprig of fresh rosemary, a cinnamon stick and four-leaf clover charm (or other charms from your culture that represents wealth/abundance). Stitch closed with green thread, or tie with green ribbon, or for the really crafty stitch dollars signs in green.



Garden or Folk magic is based upon the idea that everything is alive, i.e. everything has a rhythm and an energy (science will tell you the same thing, the genius works of Nikola Tesla (4) are a fine example). If you do not keep infusing your intention into something, the contents will not hold your energy. So for the lifetime of your Mojo Bag keep setting your intention and locking in your energy. You may wish to do this as a ritual, say once per week, or simply anytime the inclination takes you.

Enjoy and treasure your mojo bag. It is unique to you and infused with your essence, it is only for you to see and touch.



Please note - 

  • All the bags are made in the 3 days around the full moon, infusing the bags with the most potent magic.
  • The needles used are reserved for my bag making, and the knitting cotton and needles are cleansed with smoke an a 'bring the blessings in' incantation each month before I begin working.
  • Crystals and other implements in the kits are cleansed under the full moon.


Shipping note - 

  • All the bags are knitted around the full moon which means stock may not always be available 
  • Please order and I will complete all back orders the week of the full moon
  • If you have an urgent or special request, please contact me by email or DM on the socials and let's chat
  • Custom orders available, please email or DM to discuss