Our FAQ's

Your new chunky knitted blanket is lovingly handcrafted by an artisan who has honed their skills over many years, creating a unique piece just for you. We use the finest local Australian Merino wool, much of of wool stock is only a few hours drive from our door step

Each blanket by The Flying Lamb is made from un-spun Australian Merino wool, soft and dreamy, gentle and delicate and also a little prone to shedding fibres, and may show some signs of being loved over time. This is normal and your blanket may just need a trim occasionally to remove any pilling or pulls. 

Your blanket is a handcrafted piece using 100% organic materials.

You may notice what appears to be inconsistencies - these are proof that your blanket came directly from the farm, to the workroom to you. Factory made blankets are required to have perfect unforgiving consistency, your blanket has love, care and Mother Nature woven into each enormous chunky stitch, these differences are exactly the reason your piece is a true work of art.

The measurements provided may change within a few centimetres back and forth with use due to the natural shifting in the knit. 


How long until my order arrives?

We ship within 48 hours of your order coming through for 'in stock' products, delivery times vary for each location. Tracking information is provided in the shipping confirmation.

For pre-order, custom orders are as stated in the description.


What blanket sizes are available?

Please refer to each listing for available sizes for that style. Custom sizing can be ordered, please contact us with your specifications and we'll get back to you with a quote.


What colours are available?

Our standard colour range invokes the rich organic colours of our natural landscape.

We have access to over 60 different colours, plus a range of different fibres if you are looking for a bespoke gift or that certain something for yourself.


Why are there different 'chunk sizes'?

Our blankets come in 2 different chunk sizes to cater for different uses. Some of our customers want the sheer indulgent good lucks of the 'heavy' chunks, and other customers are looking for the practical and ready to use 'light' chunks. So really it depends on what you are using your blanket for.

​HEAVY: Enormous, soft, luxurious chunks, not felted
Stitch size: 5+ cm / 2+ inch wide | Largest stitch size    
Warmth: ***** | Warmest option                                
Ideal use: Decorator piece; Bed runner or full size blanket; huge WOW factor in any decor

​Light: Cosy, snuggly big chunks, felted for durability and practical everyday use
Stitch size: 3.5+ cm / 1.5+ inch wide      Largest stitch size
Warmth: *** | Lightest option; beautiful drape                                
Ideal use: Sunday afternoon snuggles; bed or lounge throw; perfect as a layering texture


What stitch textures or patterns do you use?

We use 3 key stitch textures:
  • Clouds, or garter stitch
  • Arrows, or stocking stitch
  • Stripes, or rib stitch

Custom Order blankets can be made from a wide variety of stitches, send us a pic or have a chat about other textures and patterns


Should I buy a felted blanket? or un-felted? What the hell does that even mean?

It's an excellent question I am asked often, the short version is: if you want to use your blanket regularly you need a felted blanket.

If you are looking for a more decorative piece, say a throw that will be draped on a guest bed, then there is no real need.

​Felted chunky knits have a different texture to un-felted, they feel soft and gentle on the skin (no scratch bits) but not as airy and delicate as their un-felted friends, however a felted blanket can endure far more wear and tear, and have reduced pilling issues.

​The stitches of a felted chunky knit are more pronounced or distinct compared to an un-felted big knit piece where the stitches are fluffy and look more like fairy floss.

  • Decorator piece: ...... ✔️ Un-felted
  • Snuggle buddy: ........ ✔️ Felted
  • Kids: .......................... ✔️ Felted

Left - felted

Right - unfelted





For those playing at home - check you tube for a few variations on how to felt your merino chunky knit.

How do I care for my blanket?

Occasional 'air baths' are recommended to keep your wool fresh and fluffy.

Spot clean small spills with a damp cloth, dabbing at the spill - do not rub.

Larger spills will require dry cleaning.


Have a different question?

Contact us at the.flying.lamb.au@gmail.com