Create your own comfort zone

Comfort Zones soothe your senses nourish your soul.

It's that special place where you can escape to

That quiet space that is calm, free from busy-ness

An area that is secure, safe and offers gentle contentment

A place to navel gaze, harmonise and recharge your energy…

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb

Your comfort zone is a place that nurtures you. A space where you can indulge in doing things that calm and relax you: reading, sipping tea, sleeping, painting, knitting, listening to the sounds of nature or your favourite music.

Comfort zones can be created anywhere, even if it is just a tiny corner in your bedroom, or maybe a whole room dedicated to your peace and tranquility. There are no rules to creating your own comfort zone. They key is to make it authentically yours, its up to you how you design it.


We have some ideas that might help you …


The right feeling - Choose a room or corner or garden space that makes you feel good. Consider the lighting, noise factors and busy-ness of the space. Maybe put up a screen to carve out your own area. Consider the wall colours or hang some curtains to add soothe tones to the room.

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb


Simple and clutter free – remove all the distractions from your space and put back in just the things you need to be cosy and create a deep sense of comfort. Clutter increases our anxiety levels and reduces our ability to deeply relax. Simplicity creates order in our brains which slows down or eliminates the busy thinking. Keep your zone fresh and clean, simple and free of distracting clutter.

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb


A touch of nature - add elements of nature and infuse your comfort zone with balance and harmony. A lush big leafy plant, a vase of flowers, a jar of shells and some drift wood, or maybe a collection of small pot plants will do the trick.  

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb


Soothing sounds - gentle music or soft chants will help bring tranquility and peace. Add a small water feature for instant sense of serenity. If you are blessed to have nature's noises outside, open the window and listen very quietly to the birds chortling, and the wind in the tree gently chatting to you.

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb


Fragrance - fill your space with beautiful and soothing aroma’s. Diffuser reeds, incense, aromatic oils and of course candles create a fragrance layer that will induce that relaxed state. Introduce aroma's that bring in warm memories to refill your comfort buckets, to create a sense of the familiar and secure. A room  freshener that smells like Grandma's cookies, a bowl of pot pourri reminiscent of Aunty Mary's lavender fragrance, or rekindle memories of long bush walks and camping trips away with scented beeswax candles like the ones from Bushwalk Candles

Bushwalk Candles

 To take the fragrance experience on step further, we use aromatherapy in the form of chakra oils and meditation by Loke and Luna. Justine's oil blends are divine, and her meditations are gentle, restorative and a daily necessity for anyone with a hectic schedule. (Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being)

Chakra oils by Loke and Luna. The Flying Lamb.



Authentically you - bring in pieces of you and the ones you love. Surrounding ourselves with the things that matter the most creates a sense of belonging, which builds our security level and reassures us we are safe and it's time to relax. Include photo’s, books, happy memory trinkets from holidays or big life events. 

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb



Keep it cosy – nourish and comfort your soul with soft elements like plump cushions, cosy chunky knit blankets, candles and a big mug for your warm beverages.

Cosy textiles for your comfort zone. The Flying Lamb


Now is the perfect time to take a moment to wind down from a busy day, run a warm bath with plenty of deliciously fragranced bath salts (we suggest EAU), make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate, and embrace your inner cosy self. 

Create your comfort zone with The Flying lamb



Go with your intuition as you create your own comfort zone, your very own personal sanctum, be on the lookout for new items to update your space, replace your memory triggers as life changes, find new candles and music to soothe as time goes by.



Linda x


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