How to ... trim a wedding blanket

This is a guide on how to trim a wedding blanket to give to your newlyweds. Creating a magical piece of everyday luxury that celebrates the lives of two people and stitching their families together, weaving in unconditional love and happiness for their future.

We have 3 strict rules on what to put on a wedding blanket:

  1. It must be given with love

  2. It must be given with peace and goodwill

  3. It must be meaningful to the family

After that - there are no rules!

How to ... trim a wedding blanket by The Flying Lamb.

Getting started

A great starting place is to ask the mother's of the bride and groom for items they wore on their wedding day, and any surviving items grandmothers wore on their wedding day. Think lace from the veil, a garter, bridal handkerchief, and good luck charms.

Ask the mothers for items from special moments in their child's life. A baby bootee, trimming from the christening gown, a lock of hair, even first teeth! 

How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb

Next, ask the bridal party for tokens of their friendship and years spent together. An easy option is for the bridal party to gift a silver token to wish them eternal love, good, fortune, fertility, a lucky life and so on. The bridesmaids may know of a hidden stash of letters or dried flowers from when the couple were dating, ticket stubs from the concert they met at, or other memorabilia.

Other items could include:

  • Past generation wedding rings
  • Grandma's pearls
  • Tulle from mum's wedding petticoat
  • Buttons from dad's wedding suit
  • Earrings from the grandparents
  • Christening veil
  • Baby blanket
  • Ribbon from school
  • Great grandmothers locket
  • anything that has a special meaning to the couple and the family ...

A really creative option is to capture important photos from the couple's life, print them onto fabric and create a 'clothes line' style of embellishment. 

 How to ... trim a wedding blanket by The Flying Lamb.



Putting it together

Now you have gathered a delightful collection of love, it's time to bring it all together.

To embrace the tradition of preparing the wedding blanket for the bridal couple, you will need to gather all the family and friends and have a sewing party. This task is a labour of love and happiness, stitching and weaving love into your gift -  ask everyone to bring a plate and drink to share and invite your guests to share with a story about the bride or groom or how they met and bring a special memento to sew onto the blanket.

 How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb.

One of the stitching day set up a long table with chairs and lay the blanket on the table. For practical use we suggest trimming the lower edge of the blanket, this is the least used area of the blanket which means less damage over time and will create a beautiful visual aspect to the bedroom. Have a few containers of needles, thread, scissors, and blue ribbon; and a few containers for filler embellishments like sequins, pearls, ribbon, buttons, fabric flowers, lace, etc to create a pretty finish.

Invite your guests to take a seat at the table as they arrive, and stitch their special piece straight onto the blanket. When everyone has added their trinket, encourage guests to add some pretty fillers, or cross stitch a heart or the couples names for the skilled needle workers.

How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb.

Much like a family christmas tree, the beauty is not in the ornate perfect decoration, the beauty is in the imperfect love and care that we all bring to a family. A perfect wedding blanket erases the bumps and scrapes of life, we want our wedding blankets to embrace the reality of life, for the random assortment of treasures to be the true measure of what family means.

How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb. 


Handing over

As you hand over your blanket, share the tales of finding all the attachments. laugh at the stories and newly discovered family secrets.

Let the bride know you want the blanket to be used and get marked from living a real life, from being part of everyday family busyness. We believe the imperfections and unexpected spots and stains are where the best stories are carried. This wedding blanket is not the blanket you keep for 'good', this is the blanket you use every day and hand down to the next generation or two.

How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb. 


Start your family tradition today.

How to ... trim an Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb.

We love a wedding here at The Lambery, and would love to make the day even more special for everyone. 

Contact me (Linda) if you need any help or ideas, or want to hold a Sewing Party Bridal Shower but need someone to lead the sewing. Drop an email at and let's chat



Host a sewing party bridal shower to trim an Australian Wedding Blanket


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How to ... trim a wedding blanket


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