Slow Crafting

Slow crafting is an element of the Slow Movement.

There are thousands of iterations of what slow crafting (or slow making) actually means depending on what you read, and who you are talking to, but essentially what we need to know is that slow crafting is all about slowing down the process and making a real connection - connecting to your project, connecting to your materials, connecting to our planet, connecting to what really lights you up.


We are surrounded by a world of increasing convenience and speed.

And yet there is a yearning for authenticity, a renewed respect for the authentic, a desire for raw perfectly imperfect products and people.


The Slow rebellion is resurrecting old school practices, the stuff that at one point was how things had to happen or be made, are now seen as endearing and heartfelt.

This nostalgic renaissance coupled with mindful earth friendly practices is at the heart and soul of slow crafting.


I love technology and all the advantages it gives me, but screen life strips me of my humanity, digitalises my nuances, and can turn my passion into pixels.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I craft.

Crafting takes me back to basics, opens my heart to a world of creativity, explodes my emotions with tears of frustration as well as bursting pride as I complete a project.

Slow crafting goes deeper.

Slow Crafting upholds my values of living in harmony with Mumma Nature.

Slow Crafting connects me with my process and life cycle of my project.

Slow Crafting connects me to a world of imperfect beauty and absolute creativity. It embraces my feminine energy, allowing it to bloom and grow within the masculine container of the planning and processing.


slow crafting is all about slowing down the process and making a real connection - connecting to your project, connecting to your materials, connecting to our planet, connecting to what really lights you up

My Slow Crafting

My grandmothers knitted and crocheted clothing and blankets for their children, a necessity, but they approached it with pride and incredible skill. I adopted the knitting, adapted to my obsession for natural fibres and introduced a modern twisting by going chunky.


The mothers my line stitched clothing for themselves and their families, patched, mended and extended the life span of each item. This reality meant smaller number of items in their wardrobes, intricate sewing skills and fine embroidery to enhance or renew a piece. And repair skills that completely baffle me. My adoption was the love of stitch craft and adornment. I began making clothes for myself in my teens and would appliqué, embroider and trim a basic shape into a gorgeous statement piece. These days I have adopted the concepts but love to take loved fabrics and create art that speaks to me, that inspires other women to accept their bodies with all their feminine blessings.


Crafting your own slow

If slow making or crafting, slow food or other slow activities appeal, my first suggestion is to look at your Grandparents.

Have a look at their normal daily activities, what could you learn from their methods, what could you adopt and adapt?

Take some time to chat with them if possible, or to spend some time reflecting on what they loved, what were they passionate about. If you were lucky enough to have them in your childhood, what did they do or try to teach you?

Reflecting on their passions, is there anything they did that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, that lights you up.

Does the thought of whittling a piece of wood into a spoon give you that feeling of contentment.

Does imagining yourself sitting at a spinning wheel like Grandma’s fill your belly with joy?

Do you get a womb twitch when think about picking your own tomatoes and preparing a garden made feast?


Step into your slower self through the portal of your grandparents passions and see what treasures waiting for you.

It may not be the first thing you try, (let’s not talk about crochet skills right now), but just make a start on something a see where it takes you.



I’d love to see your slow crafting projects, post them on socials and tag me @the.flying.lamb 


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