Create calm through mini rituals

In a chaotic and confusing world, a little consistency can be exactly what we all need. Introducing quick and simple intentional rituals into your day will increase your positivity and happiness. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on discovering your mini rituals to bring calm to your world every day.


My morning rituals: wee faery visit wakes me up around 5:30ish, a cold face wash, a big long stretch then time for coffee as I watch today's sunrise. A quick tour of the plants, pat the cat, then first shift on the computer. An hour walk along the beach trail, head home for breakfast and time to get stuck into the day. Too much information? or glad I shared my morning ritual? 

 Create calm through mini rituals

Creating calm starts in the morning

The perfect time to establish your mindset for the day. Make time for a mindful morning by trying some of these mini rituals, which can be performed in just minutes. By easing into the morning with purpose, you are able to create a clear head and an open mind, ensuring a day full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

  • Lemon water. Fresh lemon juice mixed in warm water will aid digestion and provides a plethora of vitamins and nutrients. The ritual of squeezing the lemon is a moment of serenity and it's great for your body too.
  • Practice yoga. Start with some stretches before you even leave the sheets to wake your body up. Give your spine a big long slow stretch and reach your hands up behind your head and point your toes as far as they will go. Slip into a gentle ananda balasana (happy baby pose) in bed, and a sun salutation as your feet hit the floor. A little morning yoga will help your mind and body prepare for the day. 
  • Embrace nature.  Take a couple of minutes while you wait for your coffee to stop and really look at the scenery. Notice the movement of the clouds, and the colour of the leaves today.  If you can, slip off your shoes and 'feel' the earth, breathe deeply and connect with something bigger for a few minutes.
  • Read. Begin the day tech-free and spend a few minutes in the morning reading through a book, newspaper, or magazine. The activity stretches the imagination and encourages creativity and positivity, setting you up for a wonderful rest of the day.

 Create calm through mini rituals

Carve out some calm during the day 

  • Run. or walk. Get those legs moving and those endorphins pumping! Running encourages better brain performance and increased mood. A couple of km's at lunch could change the colour of your day.
  • Connect. Send a text to a long-distance friend, or call a family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while. We’re on this earth to connect and foster relationships, reminding the people you love that you care about them will help both of you feel wonderful.
  • Mindful moments. Mindfulness allows us to notice our thoughts, rather than judge them or get lost in their power. Establish a comfy spot and breathe deeply. Notice when your mind has wandered, simply return your attention to the breath. Be kind to your wandering mind. Don’t judge yourself or obsess over the content of the thoughts you find yourself lost in. Just come back. And enjoy the calm and gentle focus you have.
  • Nurture life. Buy a plant and tend it every day. Notice the steady growth of the plant, or how it tends to thrive in certain lights or seasons. This gentle routine not only provides short-term peace, but can help teach valuable lessons regarding change personal growth.

Create calm through mini rituals 

End the day with a couple of simple peaceful rituals

  • Wash your face. Might seem silly, but washing your face is essentially purifying one of your most vulnerable features. Feeling clean can lead to confidence, and the actual act of washing, scrubbing, and exfoliating creates an intimate and mindful experience.
  • Walk the dog. Pat the cat. This is great for you and your fur friend. Spending time with another living creature reminds us of the gift of life, and inspires positive thinking.
  • Journal. This simple activity encourages self-reflection. Even on bad days, journaling allows us to vent and gain some perspective regarding our current situation. If you’re feeling creative, journaling can help the sparks flow and rejuvenate the imagination.
  • Make a gratitude list. Gratitude leads to happiness. In addition to exploring your thoughts, take the time to write down one or two things you are grateful for. Whether it be your partner, your body, or nourishment, noticing your blessings inspires feelings of overall well-being.  Write your top 5 'thankfuls' for the day and stick it on the fridge. This will put your mind in a happy space before bed and give you a delight joy bubble in the morning.

Create calm through mini rituals 

The small things that you do each day create the biggest results, this is where the power of daily rituals come into play. Develop a habit of incorporating your rituals into every day no matter what is happening in your life.

What's your favourite ritual? share in the comments below 

 Linda x



Create daily calm with mini rituals by The Fly Lamb

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