MEDIA RELEASE Australian Wedding Blanket – the new traditional gift

MEDIA RELEASE                                    

Australian Wedding Blanket – the new traditional gift 

Melbourne, Victoria, 11th November 2019 - Melbourne based artisan Linda Reeve of The Flying Lamb is excited to announce the start of a new tradition in Australian weddings with the release of The Australian Wedding Blanket.  

Each intricately handstitched throw takes over 3 full days to complete, these blankets are a real labour of love, a unique gift that celebrates the lives of two people, stitching their families together, weaving in unconditional love and happiness for their future.   

The Australian Wedding Blanket is more than a pretty homewares accessory. Good luck and warm best wishes are crafted into each unique blanket. The blankets are made from sustainably grown cotton, Australian Merino wool, and over 3 000 sequins! The traditional story of love and life are woven in each stitch and begins with Merino detailing the journey of two souls side by side, promising their love and devotion. The twists and turns of their life are captured in the sequins, celebrating and sharing the ups, and embracing the love during the downs.   

Fun and happiness are captured in the moments that make up a life, memories made, friends shared, the little 'bits' that decorate the fabric of our world. The simple cross stitch conjures feelings of home and the anticipation of marking off the days until the next big event. The abundance of life is gathered in lush bundles of Merino wool, pure and simple, full and rich with life.  

"The Australian Wedding Blanket has been a dream of mine for years, and I am thrilled to finally see it launched, and see so many families starting a new tradition. The concept of storytelling through stitches has been around for as long as humans have been clothing themselves, with the Australian Wedding Blanket I have been able to capture the concepts and techniques used for millennia and develop a product that real couples can use every day." 

In many cultures gifting the new couple with a wedding blanket is a tradition passed down through centuries. Traditionally it was mothers, sisters, and aunties stitching their warmth, care, and love into the future life of the newlyweds.⁠ Family and generational connections, old wives' tales, charms for luck, ribbons and fine needlework are the hallmarks of a traditional wedding blanket.⁠ Linda fell in love with this concept and designed the Wedding Blanket for a new generation of families who value tradition and meaning, but are looking for items that are more relevant to their lifestyle and care for our earth. 

Natural, simple and practical are all hallmarks of Linda’s design ethos and ensures the blankets can be used every day.  She knows from experience the gift of a Wedding Blanket means the couple will wrapped in love with the security of family and friends to help them through the touch times and celebrate the good times.  

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The Australian Wedding Blanket by The Flying Lamb

       Linda Reeve, Chief Maker and Doer of All Things at The Flying Lamb

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