Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

noun ~ a state of great comfort or elegance, conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, or refinement of living⠀​

Everyday luxury​, luxury everyday

Luxury doesn't have to be fancy, often it's the little luxuries that make our lives rich and fulfilling.⠀And in our crazy busy world, it's important to carve out little moments of luxury, to nourish and restore ourselves so we can be ready for the next challenge in our day.

Luxury doesn’t have to be big or expensive and it certainly doesn’t have to be restricted to be savoured. Here are six ways to inject a little bit of luxury into your day:

Wear your best undies

Wear that gorgeous set of matching undies, spray that expensive fragrance and slip on a pair of heels. No one else needs to know what you have going on under that work uniform, but you will strutting through the day with your secret confidence boosters. No matching undies? Treat yourself to a bra fitting and buy the sweetest set you can afford, it's so worth it.

Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

Nurture your tribe

Commit 5 -10 minutes each day to be 'with' a someone you love and care for. No screens. Just ask questions, and listen quietly. You'll be surprised how only a few minutes a day will improve your relationships, but also how damn good it feels.  Time with loved ones is one of life’s greatest luxuries, be truly decadent and do it every day.

Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers instantly brighten a room and a mood. They’re beautiful, smell fabulous and they’re a luxury item that can be done on a budget. Visit the weekend markets and treat yourself to a bunch, pick up discounted flowers from the grocer at the end of the day or cut a few stems from your garden and arrange in a vase. For extra luxury without the effort, sign yourself up to a flower subscription service, where you’ll get weekly blooms delivered to your door. We use Daily Blooms.

Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

Create a comfort zone

An easy way to get a taste of luxury every day is to create a ‘comfort zone' of luxury, calmness, and relaxation. Away from the mess and stress, it’s your personal space to treat yourself. It could be as simple as a special chair in the living room with stylish cushions, a handstitched throw, and mug of hot chocolate (or red wine). Or you could go all out and turn your bedroom into an oasis of luxury with candles, a good book, fancy lighting, and your favourite sweet treat.

Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

A long deep bath

There’s something seriously decadent about running a deep bath and setting up the bathroom for some serious quiet time. Light some candles, sprinkle in your bath salts, grab a book and soak up the bliss.

Why salts? Bath salts detoxify and soothe your body and repair your skin for ultimate relaxation and stress relief. We choose EAU Mornington Peninsula bath salts.Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury

Fresh sheets

There’s no better or more luxurious feeling than slipping into fresh, clean sheets. Invest in high-quality sheets (or put it on Santa's wish list), and change them every week or fortnightly basis to get the new sheets feeling more often. White linen sheets are one of those everyday luxuries we love here. Soft, gentle natural fibres are good for the skin and for the soul.⠀

Try a good quality linen spray when you make the bed for that extra moment of bliss as you climb into bed.

Luxury Essentials - six elements for everyday luxury


What do you do to bring luxury into your everyday?​

Let me know in the comments below, 

Linda x

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