How to create the perfect sleep sanctuary

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In the modern world of distractions, there is an art to creating the space and time for a rejuvenating deep sleep. Yes, we have all read the benefits of getting enough sleep such as improved memory, emotional stability, skin, weight and blood pressure. However, it doesn’t always mean that we make sure we get those crucial 7 to 9 hours sleep per night. We can often stimulate ourselves with music or technology right up to the second we jump into our bed and then wonder why we are tossing and turning for hours. The Southwood team put their heads together to bring you 5 easy steps to make the perfect sleep sanctuary for you to unwind in!

1.Toxic chemicals – avoid them! 

Did you know that many mattresses are filled with toxic chemicals that are incredibly harmful to your body? Considering how much time you spend on your mattress over your lifetime, this is pretty disturbing. It has been proven that some of these chemicals have been found to affect hormones, fertility, as well as our mechanisms for learning and memory. Avoid having your family sleep on a concoction of chemicals and opt for organic latex mattresses, which offer more support and last twice as long. We are proud to stock The Natural Bedding Company, who lead the way in natural bedding products. Come in at the end of your day and flop on the beds in our showroom to try them out.

2. Wrap yourself in luxury

Find the sheets that make bedtime feel luxurious and calming. Linen and bamboo sheets are both great for temperature control, are bacteria and anti-allergic, and are very breathable! Bemboka linen is unbelievably soft and durable. We have had loyal customer’s continue to buy Bemboka for years. Another favourite with our customers are Mulberry Threads organic bamboo sheets. The Southwood team can confirm that these sheets are incredibly cooling and silky on the skin, as most of us have them! Beautiful sheets make such a difference during these hot summer nights!

3. Layer the nest for ultimate calm

You want your bedroom to help you unwind, so stay clear of stark lines and block colours. It’s easy to create layers of texture through throws, plants, cushions and wall hangings. For balance and calm you can curate your bedroom layers into a colour scheme. Try and choose a colour scheme that is neutral with hints of your favourite colour, but keep in mind green, blue, blush, grey, white and creams are the most calming of the colour palette. If you have cushions on your bed, try varying the shape, size and texture of the cushions. Not only will this make the setting more interesting, but it will make the room seem bigger.

4. Say ciao to your clutter!

It has been said that many of the great artists find inspiration in the early hours of the morning. We do a lot of mental processing whilst we sleep, so to make the most of your waking clarity open your eyes in a clean, ordered and fresh space. Throw away the clutter! Or if that seems difficult, find clever storage solutions; Uashmama makes aesthetically pleasing yet practical laundry bags; DharmaDoor baskets look amazing filled with throws, books, or plants; or if you want mass storage opt for a natural wooden cube unit where your beloved clutter can be arranged and on display.

5. Impress yourself with mood lighting and aromas

Avoid bright white lighting in your room (including your phone just before you sleep). When we are under bright white or blue lighting our sleep hormones are at an all-time low. Encourage sleep with low, ambient lighting of warm hues in your bedroom.

Smell is so influential on our mood! Those smell cells in our nose (olfactory epithelium) are linked to the limbic system, which governs emotions, behaviour and long-term memory. We love Salus and The Seeke for their completely natural and fresh aromas which we constantly burn in our showroom (they last for up to 60 hours!). Start and finish your day with refreshing, calming smells around you.

We love to hear about your space and ideas for your home, so drop into our lovely showroom on Napier Street!

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