Ch... Ch... Changes and comfortable new beginnings

We recently moved to Hampton, a lovely bayside suburb of Melbourne.

With our kids all grown up, our jobs, and a lifestyle that had us playing in the city more often, it made sense to downsize and move to where we wanted to live. 

And then John's brain broke. To be more precise: auto-immune encephalitis, causing significant functioning memory loss and a few other challenges. Or in my terms: his body ate his brain / Zombie Husband / and several other not so medical versions. I thought it was funny. 

This threw a big brick wall up in front of our plans. Both of our jobs had to go, we weren't financially prepared, and in no way were we emotionally equipped to deal with this curveball. Who is? Thankfully are surrounded by an amazing family and friends that fed us, cared for us, walked with me, talked with me, brought red wine and drank it with me. So much love.

We found the door of opportunity in this brick wall.

The 'Lamb' flies again!

Our recent challenges have put a new perspective on life, and this evolution of our little business brings new purpose to my passion. Blankets remain my passion, they literally wrap you in love, protect and soothe.  To me, blankets as a give offer a lifetime of care and nurturing. I kind-a like that. That's my thing.

But the brick wall made me realise just how important my personal comfort zone or cosy space was during these times of stress. We had got so caught up in work and our busy life that I hadn't spent enough time on me. Setting up our home between visiting John in the hospital allowed me to create a space that made me feel calm and safe despite the turmoil happening around us. It gave my kids and friends a safe haven, it gave me a retreat from the world. 

Through 'The Lamb' I will continue to create luxury blankets that fulfill my mission to make the world a cosier place one stitch at a time. And pursue my life's purpose of helping women create their Comfort Zone and embrace a less stressed life and live a fuller, richer life. 


Thank you for listening to my journey, as a family we are on the road to recovery and a more fulfilled life. I feel I have been given the keys to a door of opportunity and would look forward to a life of passion and purpose.

Lots of hugs,

Linda x

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